Key developments in gaming industry in the last three decades

Key developments in gaming industry in the last three decades

Gaming is something that is extremely popular across the age and gender spectrum these days, and the games industry has undergone rapid development during the last three decades to get us to that point. This article will summarize a few of the key stages it has gone through during that period.

Early stages

If there was a point at which gaming really began to take of then it would have been in 1972, with the arrival of the first really iconic game – namely Pong. This simple video game ping pong game was created by Nolan Bushnell from Utah and was so easy to understand that it became the first game to reach a really wide audience. Involving the two players hitting a ball back and forth across a screen divided by a line representing the net, Pong was lo-fi by today’s standards but was a huge hit in arcades before becoming one of the first home gaming hits.


In 1985 the gaming industry took a huge leap towards the modern era with the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Launching outside of Japan had not exactly been smooth sailing for Nintendo, but the grey Entertainment System box proved a winner and saw games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros reach western gaming fans. With Nintendo requiring outside developers to be licensed before they could create Nintendo-compatible games, the company dominated until the arrival of a real rival in the form of Sega.

The console wars

The first of these was between Nintendo and Sega, with Sega directly hitting Nintendo through its advertising campaign. However its Genesis console lost out to the Super Nintendo, with the latter selling around $10 million more. Subsequently, Sony entered the battle with its PlayStation console and 102.40 million sold saw it overcome both the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn in sales terms. PlayStation remained the most popular console until being challenged by the Xbox 360 and the Wii from Nintendo, and it was the latter that emerged triumphant thanks to easy to understand controls that helped bring gaming to a wider audience than ever before.

Mobile gaming

With the Wii proving perfect for casual gamers, the market was primed for the arrival of gaming on mobile devices – the most recent stage in the development of the industry. Games themselves are now incredibly sophisticated, from puzzle ones to role-playing fantasy epics, and even mobile or online casino. Mobile devices mean they can be played at any time and this has ensured more people than ever are using them.

With new developments like virtual reality gaming now emerging, the gaming industry is heading into an astonishing future of almost limitless possibilities.



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