Rolls Royce Vision 100 Concept: Opulent self-driving electric car of the future

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While other automotive manufactures are concentrating on making a self-driving car for normal users, Rolls Royce has something extravagant to offer. The BMW owned brand well-known for its opulence and a high-end cluster of customers, has now decided to foray into the future forward self-driving automotive market. The Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept car clearly gives us a glimpse of what luxury self-driving cars will be like 10-20 years down the line. Even by RR’s standards, the electric engine driven concept car overshadows its current models. This two-seater haven in luxury mobility is more than 19 feet long, and given new meaning to the expression automotive haute couture.

Although the car is self-driving and without a chauffeur, but the occupants on the back seat won’t feel like so. The AI voice-assisted chauffeur named “Eleanor” knows exactly what to do, and over the course of time keeps learning things. It even has the brains to open the side door and lay down the red carpet to make one feel royal. It gives priority to your preferences like favorite routes, restaurants and everything else it finds important.

A glimpse of the future of luxury cars

Just like the exteriors of this luxury self-driving car look fashion-forward, the interiors too reflect true brand value of Rolls Royce brand. Instead of the usual seats in a luxury car, the Vision 100 concept car has the most lavish ivory-colored throne. There is a hand-twisted silk carpet on the floor and lack of any instrument panel or steering wheel makes this a truly autonomous car of the future. There is a huge boot space to fit in the most massive cargo for a long journey.

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Rolls Royce has just posted a 360 degree free-view video of the Vision 100 concept car, but let me admit it, it didn’t ring any bells. That said, the concept car looks a stark reality and what we will see somewhere in the year 2040.

Via: Guardian



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