‘Olli’ 3D printed self-driving bus debuts in Maryland, interacts with people on-board

Olli 3D printed self driving bus

Local Motors, the creator if world’s first 3D printed car has again surprised us with their new presentation. ‘Olli’ is a 3D printed electric vehicle which also happens to be autonomous. Well, it looks like every hot technology has been out together into one cool bus for urban commuting. This self-driving bus equipped with IBM Watson IoT (Internet of Things) for automotive industry is capable of transporting up to 12 people in one go. The vehicle is designed to give a personal touch to the passengers with ability to chat with them in a very natural manner.

Local Motors have been in a way the pioneers of 3D printed automobiles, and the extent of their effort can be understood from their practical approach. It isn’t surprising that the bus has started running on public roads in Washington DC, and later in the year it will run in Miami-Dade Country and Las Vegas. They have tried and tested the self-driving bus for all situations and it has come good on all counts.

Olli 3D printed self driving bus_1

Olli makes use of cloud-based cognitive computing ability of IBM Watson to learn from transportation data collected over-time using the 30 embedded sensors on-board the vehicle. The human-interaction capabilities come courtesy its Speech to Text, Natural Language Classifier, Entity Extraction and Text to Speech API. A good example of that would be discussion on topics like the vehicle’s functionality or recommendations on local restaurants and historical sites.

According to Harriet Green, IBM Watson Internet of Things, GM Commerce & Education;

IBM is excited to work with Local Motors to infuse IBM Watson IoT cognitive computing capabilities into Olli, exploring the art of what’s possible in a world of self-driving vehicles and providing a unique, personalized experience for every passenger while helping to revolutionize the future of transportation for years to come.

Source: LocalMotors



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