Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot is fun way to teach coding to kids

Sphero Sprk + robot

Sphero has created a USP for itself with rolling robots in the last couple of years. Initially it was the 2B robot (a.k.a Ollie) and then later last year we saw the popular Star Wars themed Sphero BB-8 robot which was gesture-controlled. Sphero has taken the next step forward with its improved Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot. The rolling bot has better scratch-resistance and new version of Bluetooth to make pairing with multiple devices much easier. Also, it is completely water-resistant and can easily swim across in water. Other than that the cool toy is similar to its big brother in size and battery life.

Sphero SPRK+ is more of an education-based robotic ball that lets your kid explore the possibilities of using the toy for making new things. The robot pairs with your Android or iOS phone, and it comes with the Lighting Lab app which makes coding possible. You can drag and drop commands to actually get a better understanding as to how the robot functions. It will come handy for making kids learn technology and robotics in a much better way at a tender age when play is all they want.

Sphero Sprk + robot_1

The rolling robot comes with a price tag of USD $129 and the act that it is super smooth to control and water-resistant, it is way better than buying some other toy.

Sphero Sprk + robot_3



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