Used to listening subwoofer bass? Now feel it with Basslet wearable

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Berlin-based startup Lofelt is on its way to change how you listen to music. For audiofiles who like their bass to be crisp and thumping, this new way could be feeling (rather than listening) the bass generated. Basslet is a wearable gadget that can be worn on the wrist and enjoy bass in the music. So, you can call it a wearable subwoofer which is apparently first of its kind in the world. It’s more like feeling the deep sensation of bass in audio, rather than listening it through your ears. Basically it adds another dimension to your gaming or audio listening experience, perfect for people who want something unique.

The wearable has a frequency range of 10-250 Hz which means you can feel the highs and lows of bass in audio with accuracy. To give you an idea of how it feels, you can imagine the feeling of hearing as well as experiencing a punch in a game or truck horn in a song. It uses LoSound engine technology to give you the feeling of standing next to a subwoofer. Simply pair it with a device playing the music and it adds another dimension of audio to the experience. Basslet has a battery life of 6 hours on continuous operation.

Basslet is currently on Kickstarter platform for funding and already it has achieved double the goal amount with a month still left to go. The wearable gadget is going to come at €129 which is 35% less than what is going to cost for the retail version.

Basslet wearable

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