Sherlock – GPS enabled anti-theft device ensures your bike’s never lost

Sherlock GPS anti theft device for bicycles

Bicycle security is every cyclist’s biggest concern. If you share the concern and what to beef up your anti-theft protection, Sherlock – a GPS enabled anti-theft device for bicycles is here to assist. Currently fetching backers on Indiegogo, Sherlock is a device designed to connect to a mobile app to allow you to know your bike in real-time and keep track of its location every time. The highly smart and compact device can be easily hidden inside the bike’s handlebar so that it’s hard for a thief to detect.

Sherlock is highly flexible, it conceals nicely inside the bike’s frame without altering the basic design in any way. Additionally, the device is very secure. Once fitted inside the bike’s frame, it can be removed only with a special key.

Displayed to public at the London Bike Show’s Innovation Zone earlier this year, Sherlock comes with a unique identifier, which allows the cyclist to match the bike’s profile to the Sherlock mobile app.

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With Sherlock you may still need the first line of defense in a chunky bike lock (since it’s not an anti-theft lock). GPS enabled Sherlock can however allow you to track your bike in real-time in case it has been lifted/moved from its location by anyone other than the biker himself.

Scheduled to raise €80,000, Sherlock Bike (the makers) have already amassed €34,067. Early birds can begin to receive delivery of the Sherlock starting in January 2017.



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