Crazy Colin turns into Iceman freezing stuff with liquid nitrogen

Colin Furze Iceman

When it comes to Colin Furze’s inventions, you can expect nothing but craziness. The witty Brit is good at making things no one else ever thought of, and they are downright impressive. This time Colin decides to turn himself into a superhero, to be precise, Iceman from X-Men. Although he doesn’t turn himself into a blob of ice, but he does manage to freeze everything that comes his way. All thanks to liquid nitrogen gas (Temperature -192 degree Celsius), the inventor manages to do it with ease. He calls it the Colin Furze Ice-Man CryoPack and you can learn how to make it yourself.

Colin has already been well-known for his superhero inspired DIY gadget, like the Wolverine claw and Assassin’s Creed rope launcher. Now he decides to turn into a freezing machine, the Iceman.

He makes a backpack out of thermos flasks to store the liquid nitrogen safely, and a system to allow the gas to come out of a nozzle in his hand. By Colin’s standards this is a pretty simple DIY project, and quite easy to emulate for all you creators.

In the end Colin manages to demonstrate his Iceman powers with customary wit and humor. He freezes flowers, grass, glass of water, foam head and even dessert. And the crazy freak he is, he eats the frozen dessert right away!



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