Anki launches AI-powered robot Cozmo and it’s so damn cute

Anki Cozmo robot toy

We all love the Wall-E and we’re pleased to sight a glimpse of the little robot in the Cozmo. Cozmo is Anki’s – Artificial Intelligence startup that first grabbed limelight with their robot cars that race with a smartphone, first follow up robot that will charm the owners with its Wall-E like expressiveness. The palm-sized robot is stuffed with AI allure, and being a cusp of a dog and a cat (somewhat), Cozmo can easily remember your face, name and chase you around like any other pet at home.

The idea behind developing the Cozmo is to “bring an animated character into the real world – to develop a character that people would love,” Anki CEO Boris Sofman explains.

Anki Cozmo robot toy-1

Anki’s AI integration brings emptions to Cozmo – it can feel happy, sad, angry, excited and annoyed amid many other expressions. Using facial recognition technology, courtesy a camera beneath the touchscreen (placed in place of the face) the robot can remember people’s faces and the little toy adapts to the environment very quickly.

Cozmo comes with a dedicated mobile app, which allows you to control the robot using a smartphone.

The robot will retail with a set of sensor enabled blocks that can be used to play games with Cozmo, or just help him understand his position in the room. When excited, Cozmo prompts people in the room to play and can beat you at most games. While playing the bot can easily move his lift-like arms, move its head and eyes and expressive in different sounds (It can’t actually speak).

Anki Cozmo smartphone-controlled robot toy

Cozmo has its own charging dock – or rest station, if you may – where its sleeps when not in use. The robot can run nonstop for over two hours and can charge in just 10 minutes.

Suitable for children over eight years of age, Cozmo is scheduled to retails for $180 from October. For the more curious, Anki is accepting pre-orders. Anki is also planning to release Cozmo with SDK, allowing the owners to tinker with its AI on purchase.

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