Rolls-Royce autonomous shipping technology to bring remote-controlled vessels by 2020

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Rolls-Royce is on a roll these days with its future-oriented concepts. Just like the affluent Vision 100 Concept which looks like one of the most desirable self-driving car of the future, they are also planning to make an autonomous ship. As a part of the company’s Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA), the simulated control system of this ship is already being tested in ever-changing climatic conditions of Finland. RR is confident of bringing this autonomous ship technology to the commercial industry. Now, that sounds like the plot of a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it?

Rolls-Royce made this announcement in a white paper titled “Remote & Autonomous Ships — The next steps”. Some significant mentions in it include the use of drone flyovers for spotting approaching ships and a virtual reality controlled camera for the captain to keep an eye on things. Infact, a single captain can control many ships remotely from a location with ease, thanks to the VR interface. It will have maps, holograms, data and everything else that is vital for safe commute of a vessel.

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Although at this point in time this technology seems too impractical, Rolls Royce is making us believe otherwise. 2020 seems like a very short time period to materialize such autonomous ship technology, but you cannot question RR’s capability.

Rolls Royce Autonomous Shipping

Source: Rolls-Royce Via: TheNextWeb



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