Researchers develop micro-camera which can be injected directly into the blood stream

Micro camera

Nano technology is really making some inroads into medical science for better diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Scientists at the University of Stuttgart have created another application of practical nano technology which gives us a glimpse of the future. They have built a three-lens camera which is no bigger than the width if two human hair and can be injected right into the blood stream. The small size of this camera comes courtesy 3D printing technology. Focal point of this camera unit is just 3mm away from the lenses and has a width of 100 micrometers.

Micro camera_1

This small camera unit can be very useful in medical procedures that require deep down examination of the body. For example flexible endoscopes that don’t cause much damage. A much extravagant example of this micro camera is fitting it into a syringe and delivery the camera unit directly to an organ, even brain. That for now is a far-off thing but this 3D printed camera will go a long way into the future.

Micro camera_2

Via: Phys



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