STEPDive combines possibility of snorkeling and scuba diving in one system

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Resting somewhere between snorkeling and scuba, the STEPDive by Austria-based start-up SnorkelDive Innovations, is an innovative new dive snorkel system for families and kids. Designed for beginners, who want to start diving, the STEPDive combines the possibility of snorkeling and diving in one system. The revolutionary snorkel comes with a floating buoy attached to a hose, which allows the user to dive up to 5 meters deep (as far as the hose allows). Since the buoy can be tethered to multiple users, one can go diving/snorkeling, as you may like, with friends, family or even kids.

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Scuba divers can enjoy the marine world from far deeper than the snorkelers, but as you’d know, children and even adults are intimidated with the heavy equipment of scuba diving. To allow snorkelers have a sense diving, STEPDive is first of its kind system that lets everyone (children included) dive deeper than regular snorkeling equipment permits, in a controlled environment of course.

The STEPDive is made from flexible PVC material, which makes it easy to deflate and tote around. It can be rolled up into a suitcase and can be inflated quickly using air tank provided with the system.

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SnorkelDive Innovations has brought the STEPDive to Kickstarter with the objective of reaching a €30,000 goal. The beginning is slow and only €7,805 have been collected so far (at the time of writing), but the campaign still as 36 days to go. Early birds can pledge €613 to take home a complete STEPDive system when it begins shipping in October this year.

STEPDive snorkel system



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