It’s official – ‘Android N’ is going to be called ‘Android Nougat’

Android Nougat OS

We have already seen what Android N will bring to smartphones with some cool features that will make iOS users frown. Right from the 3D Touch like functionality to the newly designed interface which is focused on battery efficiency (improved Doze Mode), performance and looks. Google gave the users worldwide the chance to name the next mouth-watering OS for Android and after much anticipation, finally we have the official name for it. ‘Android N 7.0’ is going to be called ‘Android Nougat’.

Google took the wraps off their latest operating system, revealing the statue featuring the green Android mascot for the dessert-themed OS. Android Nougat is going to be the final release of N Developer preview and is expected to arrive by the third quarter of this year.

All the Android lovers just can’t wait for this OS to land on their latest hardware and it is going to be one good experience since Google has made some noticeable additions and chances in this version.

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