Siena students develop 3D-printed prosthetic arm for 9-years-old NY girl

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A group of physics major students at Siena College gave a big surprise to a little girl that brought back smile on her face. These students built a 3D printed prosthetic arm modeled off the movie Frozen. Karissa Mitchell, 9, was born in New York without right hand. In fact, most of her wrist was missing. We can only imagine what it feels like to be unfortunate enough to have born without a limb, so getting it back would be no less than a miracle. You should definitely see the video to see that cute, chirpy smile on Karissa’s face.

Physics majors Alyx Gleason (17) and Miranda Marnes (17) lead Siena’s e-NABLE chapter, a group of eight students who devoted about 30 hours to design, print and assemble Karissa’s new arm.

Karissa Mitchell3

When we met Karissa and her family, they were so nice and it was a great fit.Karissa’s face lit up when we showed her a test hand. She is a very deserving girls.

Said Gleason.

Students developed the prosthetic arm using school’s 3D printer and design files made available online by Enable the Future. The pieces were printed perfectly to measurements of Karissa, and there is a removable Olaf light too. Karissa can open and close the fingers by bending her elbow. She is seen grabbing and lifting a mug in the video, so definitely she has two hands now.

Karissa Mitchell4

Earlier, the group had worked on Iron Man-themed prosthetic hand for a five-year old boy in Ohio. Karissa’s mother Maria learned of the story and reached out to see if Siena e-NABLE could help her daughter as well.

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These students didn’t disappoint them and delivered what her parents were expecting. The 3D-print technology continues to revolutionize manufacturing and we hear a lot about 3D printed prosthetics for humans and animals alike.

Karissa Mitchell

Source: Time



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