Eye-tracking technology reveals superhuman reflexes of Formula-1 drivers

Formula-1 reation time

It was an utterly disappointing weekend for Team Force India in Austria, as they couldn’t even manage to finish the race with both their cars. It was particularly heart-breaking for Nico Hulkenberg who had a great qualifying run, finishing 2nd on the gird, but couldn’t manage to capitalize and had to retire in the latter stages of the GP. However, the German race driver had an interesting day leading up to the race weekend. Nico and Team Force India agreed to spare some time with eye-tracking experts Tobii Tech, just to learn how quick Formula-1 drivers are when it comes to reaction times.

As you can in the video, Nico with the special eye-tracking equipment gives us an idea of the reaction times of F1 drivers. For example, he reacts to the lights, going from red to green in just 0.9 seconds. This is considered to be humanly impossible and in athletics it is a false start. Other than that Nico’s eye-tracking data shows how he looks into the rear-view mirror for just tent of a second. For normal human-beings it take at-least half-a-second to check what’s coming behind them.

Tobii’s equipment clearly shows how quick F1 drivers are, and that makes sense at speeds of more than 250 mph. Their reflexes are so fast that you won’t even believe. That is why Formula-1 is considered one of the most demanding sport on the planet.

Via: http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/this-is-how-a-formula-one-driver-sees-the-track-1782965187



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