3-in-1 Volant headphones pack earphones, headphones and Bluetooth into one device

3-in-1 Volant headphones

In the rapidly changing world of technology, gadgets with multiple use have become all the rage. We have seen a suitcase that doubles as a scooter and a smartwatch that can be used as a headset; multipurpose ability has gone three fold with 3-in-1 smart box from Brando. Now, to bring the goodness of three to a particular pair of headset, Volant Sound has brought Volant – its 3-in-1 headphones to Kickstarter. Billed as the world’s first 3-in-1 headphones, the Volant allows users to seamlessly switch between earphones, headphones and wireless listening in one simple step.

3-in-1 headphones

People have now become more frequent headphone users than ever before. Therefore, a headphones solution that alters the need for multiple headphones is outright necessary. Fitting the bill, Volant 3-in-1 headphones cater to user varying headphones needs in myriad audio requirements in different lifestyle setting – travel, work, gaming, or sports.

Connecting the regular Volant in-earphones to a large 40mm over ear headphones allows you to use the Volant as a pair of headphones and removing the earbuds and connecting the pair to your device over Bluetooth allows you to use the pair as wireless headphones – all this without compromising the audio quality in any way.

3-in-1 Volant headphones-1

Designed for easy, on the go listening, the Volant headphones are included with passive noise cancellation feature.

As informed the 3-in-1 headphones are on Kickstarter, check out for the early bird option going for £165. Estimated shipping March 2017.



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