Hanergy electric cars will not need charging stations to fuel up


Electric cars will soon be part of our regular transportation system. What is holding electric cars back from gaining traction is their limited range and long fueling time. EVs take considerable time to charge and are very limited in distance they can travel on single charge. To change that for good and to give EV manufacturers food for thought, Chinese solar panel manufacturer Hanergy has revealed plans to make four zero charging electric vehicles commercially available within next three years. According to the company, zero charge feature will ensure the EVs no longer need to rely on charging station for short and medium distance journeys.

The four prototype electric car models from Hanergy will incorporate varying quantities of flexible thin-film solar panels on their body, which will allow the cars to charge on the go without needing a traditional electric vehicle charging station. Hanergy unveiled its thin-film solar module cars, which boast a conversion rate of 31.6 percent, in Beijing earlier this month.

The cars covered with flexible thin-film solar panels can, according to Hanergy, generate up to 10 kWh of electricity with five to six hours of sunlight. The generated electricity is enough to power the car for 80km without the need to plug into a charger at all.

Hanergy states, in case of no sunlight or when the electric car is to be taken for a ride longer than 80 km, the car’s built-in lithium-ion batteries can be charged off a charging station. A complete single charge can power the car for up to 350 km.

Via: Hanergy / TreeHugger



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