Privacy assistant app ensures your safety is never compromised online

Personalized privacy assistant app

We cannot just do without some of the applications on our smartphones. Of course all of them are necessary, but do you know these apps may be sneaking into your privacy without your permission. According to studies, most people are unaware of the privacy setting of their mobile applications and some forget about the consent they have given to app on some previous occasion – two issues leading to a lot of privacy leak. To allow individual apps on your phone know what to share, researchers led by Norman Sadeh, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a personalized privacy assistant app.

The CMU app can learn user’s preferences and automatically recommend appropriate privacy setting to the application on the phone – appropriate settings to permit sharing of contacts, location etc.

According to Sadeh,

It’s clear that people just can’t cope with the complexities of privacy settings associated with the apps they have on their smartphones. And it’s not just smartphone apps. The growing number of sensors and other smart devices that make up the so-called internet of things will impact privacy and make it even more challenging for users to retain control over their data and how it is being used.

Given the number of apps a typical user has on his phone, tinkering with each apps privacy settings manually can be time consuming and largely not possible, so an app to do it for us seems like an idea we’d definitely want to buy.

In addition to monitoring privacy settings, the CMU app can also send you alters when a running app is sharing your location or contacts, so that you can easily approve or disapprove the same.

The personalized privacy assistant app has been tested – in tests about 80 percent people were in favor of the privacy assisting app.

Via: TechCrunch



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