NASA’s Juno Spacecraft orbits Jupiter with three LEGO minifigs aboard

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft orbits Jupiter with three LEGO figures aboard

On July 4, after approximately five years of journey to Jupiter, NASA’s Juno Spacecraft managed to successfully enter the orbit of the largest planet in our solar system. Considering NASA scientists are at the helm of the project, there was no doubt Juno would make it to Jupiter successfully, what’s strange then – the spacecraft has three logo minifigs onboard. The three mini passengers are – Roman god Jupiter, Jupiter’s wife Juno and the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.   

Juno Spacecraft is carrying the three Lego passengers onboard as part of the NASA and LEGO Groups’ Bricks in Space outreach program, which visions to enhance children’s interest in technology, science, mathematics and engineering.

The three characters (each measuring the size of tradition Lego figures) have been particularly chosen and geared to represent humanity’s relation with Jupiter.  The Jupiter’s minifig carries a lightning bolt. Juno has a magnifying glass that represents her search for truth. And Galileo is the scientist self, representing his discovery of Jupiter’s largest satellite in 1610.

While everything is the same as their other Lego figure counterparts, these three have been cast in special space grade aluminum, and have undergone all testing, to be as appropriate as other instrument, to be in space.

Source: NASA / Via: TheVerge



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