Chinese student builds personal fresh air device in dorm filled with smokers

DIY fresh air respiration device

There have been times when most of you (me included) have shared dorms with smokers. Being a non-smoker was the biggest crime you thought, when your roommates chose to smoke right inside the room. It was long back I was at the receiving end and sadly wasn’t as crazy as this Chinese college student in Nanning City China. I got accustomed to second hand smoke and did nothing more than moving out of the room when things got too cloudy inside. The 26-year-old lad, pseudonym Shandianzhililiang on Weibo, seem to have passively smoked up too much (only a guess) that he came up with this outrageous contraption that could kill him of heat and excessive fresh air (pun intended) faster than second hand some would.

DIY fresh air respiration device-1

Irrespective of my take on his respiration device – netizens in china have gone bonkers over his idea. The idea that sees Shandianzhililiang’s head covered in a cardboard box which is connected to plastic trash bags duct taped together leading to an exhaust fan fitted to an opening above the door. The fan delivers fresh air directly through the duct tape tunnel into the cardboard mask on his head – of course he needs all that air to play a game on his laptop. Phew!

DIY fresh air respiration device-2

DIY fresh air respiration device-3

Via: RocketNews / Mashable



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