Solar-powered Ferrari beer cooler spotted at F1 British Grand Prix

solar powered Ferrari beer cooler at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton was the biggest attraction on the track on race day at Silverstone – the Mercedes driver set a new record to become first driver in history to win three British Grand Prix in as many years. But the biggest attraction outside the track was a Ferrari. A group of beer and F1 fanatics had brought their solar-powered Ferrari-shaped beer cooler along to Silverstone to enjoy their refreshments in the best possible taste.

The gentlemen with their Ferrari beer cooler were spotted by reddit user rdldr, who had redditors in Formula 1 category going crazy about the nifty creation.

As aptly pointed out by Fox Sports, the solar-powered Ferrari beer cooler wouldn’t have been as effective as presumed, since the race was held largely in wet condition with no sun to power the Ferrari. Nonetheless, it’s yet another Ferrari to behold.



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