Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase is a smart travel companion

olive-robotic suitcase

If you have been following personal mobility transformation closely, you’ll know, smart suitcases you can tug along remotely or ride are pretty common of late – but they are still far from being intelligent. An Iran-based robotics company Ikap Robotics has just made that possible in the Olive robotic suitcase. Olive is a Segway-style, self-balancing luggage that lets you ride on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. When you have just too much to walk from the entry gate to the boarding area, simple hop onto the Olive’s foot rest and let it ride you at walking pace to your destination.

Designed to make traveling more relaxing and convenient, the suitcase is built-in with stereoscopic camera which allows it to follow the owner around on its own. With help of the camera, the suitcase can visually map the surrounding and using an embedded skeleton tracking algorithms it can distinguish individuals to follow the owner even in crowded areas.

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As informed, Olive suitcase is one-of-it-kind intelligent suitcase. Made from carbon fiber, the suitcase feature a rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery and a USB port for charging gadgets on the go. It can provide the owner with reminders to hurry if time is running out for the flight, and its built-in scale warns if you’re packing more than specified weight.

Olive comes with a dedicated application; using the app the suitcase can communicate with owner’s smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Using GPS, the app can help locate the bag, while the suitcase’s smart lock requires no keys and can be operated using NFC technology.

There is no word on the price and availability of the Olive suitcase yet, but we are already waiting for this.

Via: Gizmag



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