12 years and 90k dollars later a Canadian readies twin-jet powered Ferrari Enzo knock-off

Twin jet powerd car by Ryan McQueen

There are no actual parts of a Ferrari Enzo on this one, but it is surely made for the exhibitions of Ferraris. Strapping jet engines into cars for drag races and land speed records is nothing new, but fitting a handmade car with two Rolls Royce jet engines is certainly new. Sherwood Park, Canada resident Ryan McQueen did just that with his Ferrari Enzo lookalike that he calls Insanity. Aptly named Insanity, this features 14,000 pounds of thrust and is can reach maximum speeds of 650 km/h. With all that power, fuel economy of the car is domed – the jet powered car consumes 400 liters of fuel in under two minutes.

Sitting down to think of building a car is intimidating in itself. And it becomes a challenge when your handicap is lack of any formal technical training. McQueen despite the handicap set out to build the jet powered car in 2004. All the engineering that’s gone into building the Insanity car has been self-taught through YouTube and Google. Considering McQueen even learnt how to weld through the car building process, the outcomes is nothing short of exemplary.

Twin jet powerd car by Ryan McQueen-1

McQueen claims, Insanity is world’s only twin-jet powered super car inspired by jet powered cars he saw at a drag race in Edmonton. McQueen sold his Chevrolet Corvette to purchase jet engines from auction and after 12 years of build process (from scratch) wherein McQueen spent Canadian $90,000 on supplies and equipment, he has arrived at a 1,723 kg jet powered car that’s been traveling places for exhibition.

McQueen’s jet car is scheduled to undergo safety inspection this fall. Until then the car cannot be driven but is allowed to be exhibited.

Twin jet powerd car by Ryan McQueen-2

Via: CarBuzz



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