You’ll soon use urine to power your smartphone

smartphone charged using urine

Imagine a future where a visit to the toilet would allow you charge your smartphone for additional 3 hours? If new microbial fuel cell developed by boffins at the University of West of England in Bristol can be commercialized, the future could just be so near. The invention cost as little as £2, and claims to provide 3 hours of talk time to a present day smartphone after 6 hours of charging using 600ml of urine (approximately what you leak on a single outing to the loo).

Developed by a team of researchers led by Professor Loannis Leropoulos, the low cost microbial fuel cell uses energy from urine to power mobile phone, and offers cheap, renewable power alternative for the future. According to researchers, the fuel cell which measures just one inch square in size works with microbial fuel cell stacks (MFCs), making it first of its kind fuel cell ever created.

The microbial fuel cell uses bacteria to convert urine into electricity. Basically, urine is passed through microbial fuel cell and a reaction takes place to convert the urine into electricity.

The research opens new ways for people to stay connected with gadgets juiced up all the time in the most economical manner.

Via: BristolPost



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