How to build a wireless inductive phone charger

DIY wireless charger

Some people don’t like things of the shelf simply for how convenient they look to use.  Noah Feehan from Makezine is just one amid such people. For some reason, he is not convinced with standard inductive chargers for Qi compatible smartphones. But he doesn’t sit back and lament over it; instead, he collects a few power tools including a CNC mill and sets out to build a wooden Qi charger. The charger is easy to make. Feehan says it’s unusual yet convenient to use and can make a good gift for someone with a Qi-compatible phone.

Feehan began by sketching the coil and board on a sheet of paper. He recommends making a detailed model on some CAD software if that seem convenient. He has used American walnut and mahogany as the choice of wood for the charger’s exterior.

DIY inductive phone charger

Post sketching dimensions of the charger (the way you’d like it) make space on the inside for the inductive charging kit. Now, simply gather the hardware and transfer sketch to the CAM software.

Read here or check out the video below for details of the building process.



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