Japanese craftsman builds an electric car made entirely from bamboo

Electric car made from bamboo

Japanese seem to have a strange love for electric cars and bamboo. After the ravishing single-seat electric bamboo car by engineers at Kyoto University, a craftsman in Japan has built his own electric vehicle completely from bamboo. Built at a cost of 30-thousand dollars (all of which was sourced through a crowdfunding campaign), the auto rickshaw-style car, if you may, eschews the smooth curves and glossy paint of the modern day electric vehicles for bamboo.

Realistically, every part of the car, except for the windshield, is made from bamboo. The body, the seats, the brake and accelerator pedals and even the steering wheel is made of bamboo.

Ideally, metal body vehicles can also be melted and recycled, but the process is time and energy consuming and not really ecofriendly. The bamboo car, made from easy to recycle material, therefore makes for a completely biodegradable car.

Having finished the car, the creator now plans to take his electric bamboo car on a 10-day trip across Japan. We’ll try and follow-up on how this amazing creation fairs on the road.

Source: Koaa



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