Teen invents tongue-controlled mouse for the physically challenged

Tongue Interface Communication Device TiC

People with disability have a tough time completing even the most basic tasks, making life an everyday struggle. In today’s time where surfing the internet can be attributed as a very major task, a teen has brought ray of hope for the unfortunate physically challenged. 17-year old Emma Mogus from Oakville has created a mouthguard-like device which acts as a mouse for desktop/laptop input. She calls it a Tongue-Interface-Communication (TiC) device, and it has five buttons which correspond to five different mouse inputs. Interestingly, the mouthguard works like a regular mouse with a bit of computer programming.

Tongue Interface Communication Device TiC_1

Controls mouse input with the tongue and costs just $10 to make

This simple yet effective device for people suffering from spinal cord injuries, ALS or multiple sclerosis is connected to a circuit board via an Ethernet cable, and this circuit board connects to a computer. The device is activated with the touch of a finger and to input the letters from an on-screen keyboard the tongue is used as an input. The operation is quite simple and easy for everyone. You’ll be amazed to know that this TiC device cost just $10 to make, and Emma deserves accolades for that.

For this unique innovation, Emma has won herself the 2016 Weston Youth Innovation Award, and the high school senior wants to provide people with communication deficiencies a way to put forward their point.

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Emma Mogus said;

I was just looking at the sort of assistive technology that’s already on the market to help people like my friend Tim, and what I was noticing is that the majority of these devices are highly expensive and quite invasive. I really want to get (TiC) into the hands of those who need it, in less fortunate areas.

Via: CBC/CTVNews



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