Battery-powered DURUS robot walks like humans in a pair of sneakers

DURUS walking robot

It’s a general notion in robotics – robots that stand and walk on two legs are more stable than ones on multiple legs and wheels. Enhancing upon the idea, boffins at Georgia Institute of Technology’s AMBER-Lab have provided their robot DURUS with the ability to walk like humans. The battery-powered robot can replicating human locomotion and walk with human-like heel strikes and push-offs.

DURUS robot wear a pair of sneakers and walk comfortable for a mile. The robot was tested wearing a 13 size Adidas Sneakers.

Check out the video to see DURUS taking natural strides.

DURUS robot is not a new robot, it has been dragging its feet around the labs for quite some time now. But now the robot can take longer and faster steps and doesn’t drag its feet anymore.

DURUS isn’t the first human like walking robot either. There have been many robots that can walk like us while being tethered to a power point. DURUS however is the first human like walking robot with a build in battery pack, which makes it the most efficient walking robot.

The robot with metal feet, arched soles and springs between the ankle and feet features a nifty algorithm, and can walk just like one of us in a pair of sweet sneakers.

DURUS walking robot-1

Source: GeorgiaTech / Via: Engadget



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