Awesome custom lightsaber frost lotus is R2-D2 inspired frost lotus lightsaber

Sabre Forge, a company that claims, it makes world’s brightest and most durable LED sabers, has reforged its most famous black lotus saber into what they call the frost lotus. The saber comes with a new – blue and white color pallet and is heavily inspired by the R2-D2. The awesome custom lightsaber features precision cut acrylic claws which are interchangeable and blue in color. The body features segmented style switch, a highly detailed crystal chamber with frost blue crystal and four viewing windows. Eight support rods aligned through saber run wires up and down and it also has polished crystal holders on the front and back. Check out the beautifully crafted lightsaber in the video below. frost lotus lightsaber-1 frost lotus lightsaber-2

Via: GeekTryant



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