Google ditches VR, allegedly working on standalone AR headset


Google is working on some ambitious devices of late. Only recently the company revealed its Android-powered VR platform-based Daydream project – but the tech giant’s long term plans are far beyond virtual reality and pretty close to augmented reality. According to a report on Engadget (via Recode) Google has scrapped plans for a VR device, but claims, it is working on a high-end mixed reality headset that brings the good of augmented reality and VR to one single device.

According to reports, about 50 employees were working on a standalone VR device in Google’s secret X lab – a device expected to take on the Oculus Rift head on.

Now that the VR project has been killed, Google is moving ahead with a standalone headset which will allegedly work without a phone or computer. The headset will feature a screen and will be more inclined on augmented reality and will focus less on VR.

There is no word on what the device will look like on when it could hit the market, but considering the success of Pokemon Go – first real augmented reality app – consumers just seem to be well prepared to embrace AR now. Google then seems to be on the right track.



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