3D printed Pokedex phone case for the Pokemon Go addicts

Pokedex phone case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you have already become a Pokemon Go addict, you surely know the power of this augmented reality game to drain your phone’s battery. The game requires you to have the phone data, its screen and GPS running at full force with processor constantly trying to keep live maps running, and camera doing all the image processing in the background. The power draining game has got people to carry their power banks along while playing, which is not at all cool with the cable dangling – as an alternative, a DIY-er has created a custom 3D printed Pokedex-shaped phone case for his a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Pokedex phone case-1

With a little tweak to the code, if you know what you’re doing, you could make one of these for your phone. This is possible because the instruction of the nifty hack have been uploaded on SparkFun and the supporting files have also been posted on GitHub.

Pokedex phone case is 3D printed from ABS in classic Pokédex red. The case is acetone polished for glossy finish. The inside of the case is designed to hold Galaxy S4 snugly and it has opening on the back for camera.

Pokedex phone case-2

Pokedex phone case features an 18650 lithium cell that supplies backup power to the mobile phone and the three red, yellow and green LEDs on the case. The case has an additional 2,600mAh lithium-ion battery, which connects to the phone via embedded USB plug.

Pokedex phone case-3

Via: Slashgear



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