Real-life Iron Man lifts off the ground in his homemade rocket propellers

Iron Man Rocket Propellers

We have following really cool Iron Man-themed stuff all this while. Some have been Iron Man Costumes while others have been arc reactors or similar stuff. But, no one ever thought of actually taking off like Iron Man powered by rockets producing 50 pounds of thrust. This DIY attempt almost fulfills that dream. The reason I say almost, because it would have landed him in trouble for legal reasons. And these responsible DIY’ers didn’t want to tinker with the law and took a detour. Iron Man won’t take on the law, would he?

So, [the Hacksmith], makers of this cool DIY decided to turn the course and turn it into electric turbines capable of generating some serious thrust. Have a look at the video to learn more about this project which will give you more ideas to make your own things. That said, if it wouldn’t have been for the respect of law, he would be going ahead with the dangerous task of attaching more rockets to his body and turn into a flying Iron Man!

NOTE: Building Rocket propellants attached to your body can cause real damage and should not be done without proper knowledge.



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