A year-old baby rides unfettered on a homemade wheelchair

Eva Moore get homemade wheelchair

The Moore’s family in Edmonton, Canada, is one strong family, and their newest member, the little one-year-old Eva Moore a very special kid. The miracle baby survives with permanent spinal cord damage, which has left her unable to walk. Despite the odds, Eva is inspiring everyone around by adapting to the tiny wheelchair her parents have put together, so that Eva can move about independently and do most of the things other kids of her age can do.

Moore’s came by the idea of a wheelchair on Pinterest, and then built the infant a wheelchair by themselves – screwing wheels and a bumbo seat to a standard cutting board.

At eight months, Eva was detected with tumor in the heart, chest and spine, medically, neuroblastoma stage 4. The condition deteriorated and permanently damaged her spinal cord. Emergency surgeries and few chemotherapies later, Eva managed to survive, but only as a paraplegic.

Ever since, Eva, like other infants adapting to crawling, has been adapting to riding her wheelchair. For her, flicking the wheels and rolling around in the wheelchair has become an activity she loves, and according to parents and act of physiotherapy that is making her upper body stronger.

Eva Moore homemade wheelchair-1

Via: GlobalNews



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