A Kiwi quits job to become finest Pokémon Go hunter ever


Pokémon Go has become an international phenomenon; people have gone bonkers after the augmented reality game and it has already climbed charts on Apple Store and Play Store to surpass applications such as Snapchat and Candy Crush. Playing the addictive game is one thing and sacrificing a stable career for its sake is another. Considering latter as a feasible option, one New Zealander named Tom Currie has given up his job at a café in Auckland to become the finest Pokémon Go hunter in the world. His idea is very simple, catch all the Pokémon’s there are, travelling length and breadth of the country over two months, and then returning to Auckland to find a new job.

After his bold decision, Currie has become an internet sensation of sorts. People are following his record on Facebook and a company in the US has contacted him to work as a full-time Pokémon Go instructor with them.

Currie, who has booked himself 20 bus tickets to travel around New Zealand, has already hunted down 93 out of 151 unique Pokémon’s released in the mobile phone game.

Via: NZHerald



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