Five takeaways from Elon Musk’s masterplan for Tesla

Elon Musk is heart bent at accelerating the advent of sustainable energy. How truly from the heart, and how much driven by financial motive; that remains a distant story, but for now he seems to have bag full of ideas for the near green future. The Chief Executive at Tesla has published part two of his self-titled masterplan for the automotive and electric storage company.

Musk is recently facing criticism for rolling out Autopilot in Tesla’s autonomous cars after one such car met with accident and claimed driver’s life. Taking the masterplan as a platform, Musk has cleared his point saying the Autopilot is in beta mode, and that all drivers have been warned against it.

Besides, Musk has made a few other plans public, and here is how you can read them over a quick meal –

• Tesla will be going beyond the cars to the roof of your home. Musk informs, Tesla will create solar roof with battery products that people will be able to fit to the roofs of their home. To make this possible, Tesla recently bought solar company SolaCity.
• Tesla will not just stick to electric cars, the technology will be extended to a rage of ground vehicles, especially busses and trucks, include 18 wheel lorries.
• Tesla cars will soon be fully autonomous – driving along motorways, changing lanes and speeding up and down depending on the traffic.
• Once the cars are autonomous completely, Tesla will allow owners to connect cars to a shared fleet. This will let vehicles make money after the owner is home.
• Autopilot, Musk says, will be made 10 times safer than human drivers. Though, it may take close to 5.5 years at Tesla’s current work pace.



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