Anti-paparazzi scarf protects wearer’s privacy

The Ishu anti-paparazzi scarf

As celebs look for ways to cover their faces just to avoid those unwanted flashes tormenting their personal space, anti-paparazzi clothing is so much in demand. Taking it as a challenge, Dutch designer Saif Siddiqui has created Ishu – a scarf made from reflective material, which can deflect light from flash of a camera in a way that it hides everything behind it.  

Saif says, he was inspired to make the scarf in 2009 when he took a picture of friends in Amsterdam but everyone in the frame were literally obscured by a bike’s reflector nearby.

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After six years of ideation, Saif finally arrived at Ishu – the anti-flash scarf, which many celebrities including noticeable actors, musicians, and sports stars have already been sighted wearing.

The Ishu anti-flash scarf

In addition to scarves, Saif has also created pocket square, tie, phone case all of which are anti-flash too. The scarves are costly and start at close to $250 a piece.

Via: PetaPixel



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