Modobag – a motorized suitcase that can go at 8 mph

Modobag – a motorized suitcase-3

Fitting motors to suitcases is the new craze. There have been so many examples of motorized luggage we’ve seen. First, a suitcase cum electric scooter by He Liangchai, and then an intelligent Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase. To enhance the skill and make zipping through the airport more fun and speedy, Kevin O’Donnell and team have developed their own version – Modobag, a rideable carry-on for everyone who wished they could ride the bag through the airport because walking with it was really hard.

Designed to fit in the overhead bins, the Modobag is a normal luggage fitted with a lithium battery powered 200-watt electric motor. The suitcase can ride at eight miles per hour and has a range of six miles.

Modobag – a motorized suitcase

O’Donnell says he was struck with the idea of creating Modobag a few years ago, when his kids began taking turns to ride a suitcase he was dragging along in the airport. With help from friend – a competitive motorcyclist, O’Donnell was able to create FAA and TSA approved ridable suitcase they call Modobag.

Modobag – a motorized suitcase-1

The 19 pound black, box-shaped Modobag is fitted with dual USB charging ports and a cushioned seat for riding.

Modobag – a motorized suitcase-2

Modobag LLC, the company behind the Modobag have launched an Indiegogo campaign for it. Off the $50,000 goal, they have already received $42,227 (at the time of writing) with a month still to go. Early birds can book their Modobag for $995 and expect delivery in January next year.



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