Pen-like Thermos thermometer takes temperature with swipe across the forehead

Thermo thermometer

Thermometers that use noninvasive methods to take temperature can be found dime a dozen, but there are none like the Thremo released by health technology company Withings. The new thermometer simply needs to be scanned across the forehead to take temperature – it’s easy, quick and least uncomfortable. Thermo can take reading from up to a centimeter from the skin, so you can check your baby’s temperature even without touching her.

Thermo thermometer-1

Designed like a pen, the Thermo feature 16 infrared sensors, which can quickly measure temperature from the hottest part of the forehead. Thermo measures temperature from the temporal artery and its built in algorithm tracks skin heat and temperature before vibrating to indicate the final reading.

Thermo can be used by just about anyone, but it is being marketed for babies as a highly accurate, easy to use, fastest temperature reading device. Thermo displays temperature on its display and also provides color coded feedback, where green is normal, orange is elevate level and red indicates high temperature.

Thermo thermometer-2

Thermos is also a smart device, in addition to taking temperature, it connects to an app. The app tracks temperature, sends out reminders to measure temperature and even provides people with information on how to care for people suffering with fever.



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