3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone case lets you toss Pokéball dead straight

Pokémon Go iphone case-1

There isn’t much you can do when you’ve found a Pokémon than to battle it and catch it by flicking that Pokéball at it. Chances are you’re pretty good at ball flicking, but if you’re struggling, a Pokémon Go fan and industrial design student in Australia, Jon Cleaver has created an iPhone case to help you perfect the art of ball flicking. The creative case guides your finger to launch the Pokéball dead straight at the Pokémon ensuring you gain experience points every time in the first go itself.

Avid Pokémon Go players would term this as cheating, but who cares as long as you are probably killing a bird with one ball (if you know what I mean).

Like all other cases, Pokéball aimer is easy to use – it slides easily to the iPhone and its specially designed frame lets you toss a perfect shot every time.

Pokémon Go iphone case

If you want one of these, you’d probably have to own a 3D printer and get access to the files by Cleaver.  You can download the instructions at My Mini Factory and have one ready for your iPhone 6 (as the case is only compatible with this model for now).

Via: Gizmodo



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