Turkish designer envisions futuristic BMW Titan motorcycle

BMW Titan motorcycle concept

There have been endless mesmerizing motorcycle concepts we have seen in our time. While few have made real, most of them are lost in time. The Titan designed by Turkey-based designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem is one such design that Batman would love to include in his fleet, if BMW so desires. The futuristic motorcycle concept Titan has been designed for BMW. Erdem has designed seven other concepts for the motorcycle brand in the past, all of which depict uniqueness and authenticity of BMW, but this one is arguably the best.

BMW Titan motorcycle concept-1

Deriving inspiration for his design from shape of a shark, the Titan appears to be a fitting ride for batman largely because of its radical design and color theme. Unfortunately though, there are no details on whether Titan will see light of the day. But even if it does, it sure will be beyond the reach of many pockets.

Via: Behance / Geeky-Gadgets



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