Pets can see Pokemons and there’s enough photographic evidence!

Pokemon Go and Pets

Pokemon Go has broken all records on the meter for game induced madness, and people are doing over the top things to prove it. Some have quit jobs to be professional Pokemon catchers while others are idiotic enough to play it on the expressway and stop the car midway to cause multiple crashes. Some are even buying specially tailored 3D printed cases to make it easy to catch a Pokemon. Any which way the game is assimilating huge popularity in U.S. and other regions of the world.

Pets seeing pokemons_10

While people are searching for Pokemons in their surrounding areas, the madness is not going to stop any soon. This has given the blogsphere enough ideas on Pokemon infused news. People are seeing Pokemons in augmented reality as they move around in the real world. Be it in malls, restaurants or in the metro station; everyone is looking to collect as many Pokemons as they can.

Interestingly some people are claiming that their pets can see Pokemons, and that too without any augmented reality. Now that is a claim too far from reality, but as you know, visual illusions can trick our eyes into believing what’s not. In-fact augmented reality is also a manifestation of that very fact. Now coming to the point. People have posted pictures online which have been clicked just at the right moment to make you believe that pets are in-fact seeing Pokemons.

Pets seeing pokemons_14

Pets seeing pokemons_13

Pets seeing pokemons_12

Pets seeing pokemons_11

Pets seeing pokemons_9

Pets seeing pokemons_8

Pets seeing pokemons_7

Pets seeing pokemons_6

Pets seeing pokemons_5

Pets seeing pokemons_4

Pets seeing pokemons_3

Pets seeing pokemons_2

Pets seeing pokemons_1

Pets seeing pokemonns

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