Veeso brings world’s first face tracking VR headset to the fore

Veeso Face tracking vr headset-1

You can do a lot of things in virtual reality, except for looking someone in the eye to interact. Facial motion tracking can be the next big thing in VR and a company called Veeso is trying to tap into the market ahead of the others. In the process, Veeso has launched a Kickstarter campaign for world’s first virtual reality headset that tracks face movement. To make face-to-face interaction in a social VR environment, Veeso has integrated a pair of head-mounted infrared cameras in their VR headset, which tracks eyes and mouth movement and emotions and transfers it to the virtual world.

The VR headset is capable of capturing facial expressions and transferring them to the virtual world it real time. It syncs to a handheld device – iOS and Android over Bluetooth. The prototype headset currently relies on external power to run the processor, but will eventually draw power from an internal battery.

Face tracking vr headset-1

According to the Veeso’s Kickstarter campaign, the VR headset is Google Cardboard-ready. Users will be able to source content from Google Cardboard store. The headset will rely on connected phone’s internal orientation sensors to execute head tracking.The headset will come with Veeso SDK, which would allow third-party developers to create a large pool of content for the device.

Veeso has set $80,000 initial funding goal on Kickstarter but has not yet seen large interest from the community. The headset is being offered at $70 early bird price with December 2016 as the estimate delivery time.

Veeso Face tracking vr headset

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