Ripchair off-road wheelchair packs a four-stroke engine

Ripchair off-road wheelchair

Wheelchairs with tank treads or track chairs are a common site, but here is the Ripchair – the Land Rover of the track chair industry. Built originally for the Discovery Channel show, Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripchair has been redesigned by brother’s Michael and Geoffrey after popular demand to help mobility-challenged people to access terrains that are otherwise inaccessible. Combining power, durability and freedom of mobility in one, the extreme off-road wheelchair is easy to control and ride.

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What makes the Ripchair worthy every individual seeking true freedom once again is that it’s the only off-road ride that accepts a user’s own wheelchair. It features a ramp that lets a motorized wheelchair in and allows it out on reaching the destination.

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The Ripchair is fully customizable. The user can customize it to change hand controls, pack in extra storage space, include a gun rack, fix a fishing rod, front and rear lights or even get a winch attached.

The tracks on the chair are good to handle all types of terrains. Unlike other battery-powered chairs, the Ripchair (that starts at $27,000) runs on a 31 horsepower, fuel injected, super-quiet 4-stroke engine that would run for a day on a single tank of fuel. The wheelchair can ride at 8-10mph.

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