Hands-on with MiFone L58 smartest budget smartwatch with fitness tracker

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If price and looks are two things you want in a smartwatch, the MiFone L58 that we are going to review here is tailor made for you. Smartwatches with basic fitness tracking features are found a dime a dozen these days; there is an influx of budget smartwatches on e-commerce sites. With its attractive price tag and a magnificent design (good to give most high-end watches a run for their money), the MiFone L58 is one of the finest in the league. Despite the name, which may sound so much Xiaomish, this is an independent Chinese brand and has no connection with Xiaomi.

Selling for $16 price tag, MiFone L58 is entry level smartwatch, which does not sacrifice design to minimize cost. We are emphasizing so much on the design because the watch’s look was the first thing that caught our attention and also attracted plenty of curious glances from friends. The design is the biggest selling point of any budget device, and this watch with its round aluminum dial, made from corrosion-resistant material is surely well above the rest in this department.

The MiFone L58 has a decent, Apple Watch-like anti-allergic fluoroelastomer – synthetic rubber band which holds the watch snugly on the wrist.

mifone smartwatch and fitness tracker

Design and specification

MiFone L58 smartwatch features circular OLED display capacitive touch display with a low (but pretty adequate) 64×48 pixel resolution. There are no physical buttons on the screen, you can interact with the watch, toggling between different features like time, pedometer, distance, calorie and sleep monitor by tapping on the bottom half of the display.

The entire watch face is black until you tap on it and the time appears with the day, date and battery indicator. The slightly misleading OLED screen shows time in a square in the middle leaving a lot of negative space on the dial (we assume for the cost of the watch, a larger OLED display wouldn’t be ideally possible).

Despite the visible size, the icons are bright and attractive except in daylight. In the outdoors, you can hardly see the screen, which is a drawback considering the watch is also a basic fitness tracker. During our time with the watch, we found it difficult to see the time and other menu while walking or cycling with it.

That said, the watch is extremely lightweight, and you hardly feel you’re wearing it. It weighs only 30g and is 2.2mm thick. The watch fits perfectly on an average wrist 166-200mm.

MiFone L58 did not show lag or any default, except for in the pairing of the device with its application (we will come to this later in the post). This is probably made possible by the device’s 64MB RAM and 128 MB of internal storage (which is enough for a watch in this meager price range).

Along with decent memory and display, the watch is designed according to international IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard. According to the manufacturer, the watch is waterproof up to 10 meters underwater, though warns you against carrying it to a hot shower or the pool. It is very convenient for daily wear and worked fine for us after taking a plunge in a bucket, going for a cold shower and frequent rounds of rinsing under a tap.


In addition to being an attractive budget smartwatch, this is an entry-level fitness tracker as well. Don’t expect amazing functions and dead-on accuracy, but it is pretty precise.

The watch comes with a dedicated app – Micro Comm, available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is basically the biggest let down here. It’s largely in Chinese and a little difficult to use for other language users. Nonetheless, you can manage to sync the app with the watch via Bluetooth. You will need the app running in the background to have the watch paired to the smartphone, once the app is killed the connection breaks. On pairing, you can get alarm alert and use the watch as a remote for the connected device’s camera, in addition to receiving calls, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat notifications. The MiFone L58 is pretty basic and will tell you who is calling or messaging only. It doesn’t show the name of the person sending you a WhatsApp message. All notifications and alarm are indicated by vibration.

The fitness functions of the watch are basic but interesting. The watch lets you measure your steps, distance, and calories burnt in addition to sleep monitoring. All the functions do fairly decent job – the sleep monitor gauges overall sleep with the app helping in distinguishing deep and light sleep.

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MiFone L58 smartwatch comes with a built-in 120mAh Li-polymer Battery. There is a neat magnetic absorption USB charging slot (chargers snaps to watch without being plugged in) on the back of the dial, and the watch comes with a charger included in the package.

The manufacturer claims the watch can run for 30 days on standby time and last about 15 days of standard use. For us, the watch worked for about a week on a single charge. The watch takes about 2 hours for full charge.


The stylish watch should appeal equally to both sexes. The inexpensive and exquisitely designed watch looks good on the wrist and is pretty awesome in all features for its price. But if you are looking for a smartwatch with a more sophisticated fitness tracker, this may not be the watch for you.



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