Pollution detecting shirt changes pattern but it’s too expensive

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Air pollution is a major concern for communities across the world, and people are coming up with unique ways to detect it. In the past we have seen pigeons fitted with modern tech hardware, wearable air purifiers and smart lamp posts which all keep a check on pollution levels. On the same lines Nikolas Bentel, a designer from New York has a very niche take on how to detect air pollution. He has designed a range of shirts dubbed Aerochromics which are capable of detecting pollution, and showing it by changing pattern on the shirt itself.

Each of these shirt has its own properties as they change pattern in presence of carbon monoxide, excessive dust and radioactive material, respectively. Making use of chemistry knowledge combined with intelligence, Nikolas managed to give these shirts their unique pattern changing properties.

The shirt is not much useful other than detecting pollution

For example, the carbon monoxide detecting shirt has chemical salts and when carbon monoxide comes in contact with it, oxygen molecule is lost and the shirt turns black. Similarly, the shirt which detects dust, smoke and other polluting particles has sensors in front and back which detects the pollutants. After that the sensors send the information to micro-controller which further send data to heat-activated dots. When these heat patches get warm they turn the dye from white to black.

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According to the designer, radioactive shirt is still in works and will have similar functionality. Currently, the shirt goes from white to black on exposure to gamma or electron beams, but cannot retain its original color when the radioactive exposure is stopped.

Aerochromics shirts are currently up for purchase on the official website, but the price is something that will make your eyes pop out. The Reactive Carbon Monoxide and the Reactive Particle Pollution shirt comes for $500 each which is quite a lot.



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