OvRcharge wireless charger levitates your smartphone in mid-air

OvRcharge levitating wireless charger

Wireless chargers have been around for quite some time now, and there’s nothing special when a new one rises over the horizon. But things are different when a wireless charger levitates you phone in the air. Now, that’s a cool wireless charger to own, don’t you think so? But, there is a downside to the OvRcharge wireless charger too. That being, it charges your phone very slowly while in levitating mode. If you are ready to bear with that hassle, you’ll have a cool looking phone that levitates in mid-air. And mind you, the base can even levitate a light-weight tablet.

The mid-air floating of a phone weighing 600 gram (at max.) comes courtesy a strong magnetic field which is produced by the magnet in the base. The base also has inductive charging coil which juices-up your phone at the same time. Even if your phone is full on charge, the base will levitate it in air.

OvRcharge levitating wireless charging dock for phones is designed by AR Designs and is currently up on Kickstarter for funding. With a funding goal of $40,000 to reach, the project has already covered half distance. Chances are that it will get into the production lines.

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Currently, the OVRcharge levitating base comes in dark walnut and cherry colors. As we speak, the initial slots for booking are already gone, and for now you can pledge your levitating wireless charger for $199 CAD. If the project gets funded you can expect delivery by holiday season this year.

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