DroneMonSpy lets you fly your smartphone to find all Pokemon around


If touring the city to find all Pokemon there are is getting tiring for you, a company called Atellani has developed DroneMonSpy that will let you fly your smartphone in the sky to find them all. DroneMonSpy is first universal smartphone adaptor, designed especially for DJI Phantom drone, which lets you mount your smartphone with Pokemon Go app launched on it.


DroneMonSpy is made from cardboard and features two foldable openings that are strong enough to hold any smartphone under the sun. Easy to use and mount, the DroneMonSpy is compatible with DJI Phantom drone feet and can let you play Pokemon Go.


Launch the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone, pair it with a screen sharing software such as TeamViewer and mount it onto the drone with DroneMonSpy. Now, let the smartphone find all the Poke spots from up there as you battle them on the ground.

DroneMonSpy is priced at $9.99 and is available through its website.

Hat tip Atellani



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