Google patents futuristic bathroom that’ll monitor your heart’s health

Google smart bathroom patent

Non-invasive health monitoring could be in its prime if Google’s new patent can materialize. According to a new patent, which was filed in January 2015, but published on 21 July 2016, Google visions to transform your bathroom into a high-tech facility that can monitor your cardiovascular health. The patent details embedding sensors and cameras to different parts of the bathroom that monitor person’s health and notify medical professionals if necessary.

According to the patent, the bathroom will include a color sensing mirror, a pressure and electrical sensing mat, an ultrasonic bathtub and a pressure sensing toilet seat.

The mirror with embedded sensor would measure skin color variations, and the bath mat would measure body’s electrical behavior to record a person’s heart rate. The ultrasonic bathtub will carry out and echo test using high-frequency sound waves, while the pressure sensing toilet seat would measure blood pressure and overall health through bowel movement.

Google believes the patent would provide different, substantial techniques to collect data on person’s health, which will be beyond cardiovascular health focused in the patent.

Google smart bathroom patent-1

Via: DailyMail



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