Smart umbrella connects to your phone, alerts if you forget it behind

Jonas smart umbrella

We’ve seen a few smart umbrellas in our time, it turns out, Jonas by Fantastik is by far the smartest of them. This smartphone controlled umbrella is priced at 10,778 yen (about US$105) and runs via an app. Jonas connects to a smartphone through an app over Bluetooth, and lets you receive an alert as and when you’ve left the umbrella behind. Additionally, the umbrella also vibrates in case you’ve left your phone unattended somewhere.

Cool features of the umbrella don’t just stop at this. It’s made from premium pongee cloth, and comes with a strong aluminum handle – unless you don’t use it as a samurai sword, Jonas is going to last you a lifetime.

Jonas umbrella

Provided in a range of colors and drawing power from 4 AAA batteries, the smart umbrella downloads weekly weather forecast for you, so with just a glance at it on your way out you can know when you may need Jonas along.

The umbrella also alerts you of incoming calls, messages and emails. Jonas umbrella can be pre-ordered online at MiNDEPA or bought directly through Fantastik store.

Via: RocketNews24



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