90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart for his great grandchildren

90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart from scratch

It doesn’t take any professional training to be a mechanic – this 90 year-old from Bonita Street in Richland Township, Pennsylvania proves it. Stephen Toth, with no formal training or mechanical education has created a go-kart, not once but twice in last 60 years. His recent contraption is a gas-powered red-colored, 3 horsepower go-kart that he has built for his great grandchildren to enjoy. Toth has 5 great grandchildren and he has built the kart from scratch in his garage.

Toth who turned 90 on July 29, first built a similar go-kart for his son when the latter was only 6 years old. Toth remembers, his son sold it for a motorcycle.

The new go-kart that Toth has just finished, after almost a year, features number 90 on the hood and has ‘Bucka Race Team’ on the side. Toth’s son-in-law Barry Noon informed, ‘he didn’t have any blueprints and had to order some parts to arrive at this.’ There’s no word on how fast this can go, Toth has left it on his great grandchildren to find that out.

He further said,

He did the sheet metal work, put the engine in and built the transmission.

According to Toth’s wife Gerrie, ‘he has been through three bypass surgeries and has a pacemaker in his heart. He is not supposed to be using an electric drill or be around welding. But Toth doesn’t like to be ideal and he loves to make things.’

Go-karts are not the only thing Toth builds, his garage is cluttered with power tools, transmission parts and engines and he is presently working on rebuilding transmission on a Craftsman riding lawn mower.

Hats off to you Mr. Stephen Toth, you’re a true inspiration.

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