Wearable alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol level in real-time

flexible wearable alcohol sensor

Finally, a device that you can wear to know your blood alcohol content is here. Simply stick it onto your skin and know if you’re still good to drive after a crazy party. Developed by the University of California San Diego researchers, this is a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately and continuously measure blood alcohol levels from sweat and communicate data wirelessly to a mobile device connected over Bluetooth.

The flexible wearable skin sensor, researchers claim, could be used by police and doctors to non-invasively monitor blood alcohol level in real-time.

The wearable device is a temporary tattoo that sticks to the skin. It induces sweat and then from it, electrochemically detects the level of alcohol in blood within 15 minutes. The device is connected to a flexible electrical circuit board, which communicates the information collected to a mobile device.

The sensor is far more intelligent than just monitoring alcohol levels in the blood; when you’re out at a party wearing the sensor, it sends alerts to your phone letting you know how much you’re drinking. Friends can use the sensor post parties to know who is in the least intoxicate state, and good to drive.

The sensors when worn, works by releasing pilocarpine to induce sweat. A person, therefore, doesn’t have to be exercising or sweating already. When sweat is induced, it comes in contact with the electrodes (coated with an anti-alcohol enzyme called oxidase) that electrochemically detects the alcohol level.

Wearable alcohol sensor

The alcohol sensor has gone through testing and has proven pretty accurate. It was tested on nine healthy volunteers, who consumed alcohol wearing the tattoo. Readings sent to the mobile device accurately reflected alcohol concentration in blood of all the nine volunteers.

Via: UC San Diego



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